Cloudflare business plan review

May 28, Francisco said: Your latest piece is interesting, and while a lot of the hype and fear over these attacks IS IMHO unjustified, there are a few major details that you're missing.

Cloudflare business plan review

Kontras It was a very disappointing experience that I hope it will never be repeated ever again in my career. I have been promised a senior SRE job to find out that SRE at Cloudflare actually means watching some screens and when it blinks, click a button to open a page, from where you copy a set of instructions to paste them into your terminal.

cloudflare business plan review

Other than a theoretical description thrown on a piece of paper, there are very, very few genuine senior positions. The culture is equally bad, everyone is afraid of the CEO, which, also shows it frequently in public, is a very narcissist person.

Get used to this, as after you join, this is going to be the pattern: Generally speaking, the higher ups have an obvious lack of previous experience in terms of management, and they understand management as a form of kingdom, they being the ones giving orders and the rest have to execute.

After arguing a few times with a manager, when they run out of arguments for his terrible idea which everyone disagreed withhe shouted: You cannot attend a conference or a training to help you develop your skills, unless you speak.

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This is understandable up to an extent, but engineers typically have a strong desire to learn and expand their skill set. The list of benefits is incredibly short and poor, rather offensive. Leaving, was the best decisions in my career.

The bottom line is: Rat an das Management Bring and keep more people with experience.For the last year or so, we’ve used the Business Plan at Cloudflare.

cloudflare business plan review

This is my review of that experience. BUT, in the end, you, the user, .

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67 Cloudflare reviews. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. "Not many chances of career progression or salary review" (in 2 reviews) "No formal performance reviews (ties in with above)" (in 2 reviews) EMEA Head of Business Development, to find out how he has built a diverse team /5(67).

If you want even more advanced features and a % uptime guarantee, the Business plan is worth considering at $ a month per site. For larger companies who also require 24/7 technical support and multi-user access, you can contact CloudFlare for specific pricing.

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Cloudflare Review - Terrible customer service! Service used: CDN - Pro. I agree with others on the terrible customer service at Cloudflare. Due to the complexity of using their service, getting help from customer service is almost required. When you contact them, you get the run around and no real hel I signed up for a Business Plan 23 Feb /10(16).

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In this review, I’ll put CloudFlare’s free service to the test and also walk you through how to set it up for your site. I’ll also give some insight into our experience with CloudFlare’s premium service. While Matthew and Michelle attended Harvard Business School, they formed their business plan with the guidance of faculty, began.

Cloudflare's Business plan offers a % uptime guarantee. In the event of downtime, customers receive a service credit against their monthly fee, in proportion to the respective disruption and affected customer ratio.

You can view the full Business .

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